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When taking out finance for your new car, ask about the products below and find out how they can be of great benefit to you


We now have warranties that range from as long as 1 to 5 years with different levels of cover from limited cover to comprehensive cover, giving you even more peace of mind at a small additional investment, providing you cover against mechanical breakdown for parts and labour any where in Australia. With the additional option of 24 hours Roadside Assist for up to 3 years.


Providing you with not only competitive pricing but also the flexibility of annual or monthly payments.


Are you considering taking out finance for your car with little or no deposit? This product will protect you in the event of a total loss on your car where your car insurer fails to payout the finance company in full, gap insurance will payout the short fall up to $15000.00 and give you $5000.00 towards the purchase of your next car, allowing you to walk away with a clean slate and making the purchase of your next car more possible, there are various level of covers available to suit your needs.


Have you had your car stolen or written off in an accident and the insurer wouldn’t cover all those personal possessions lost? This product will give you total peace of mind and provide you with a cheque of $5000 in the event of a total loss with your car. You can choose to either replace any of your personal possessions lost, pay for your next car insurance policy, pay your excess or simply use towards your next purchase. The choice is yours! There are also different levels of cover to suit your needs.


One of the biggest concerns today when financing a car and having that monthly commitment is the "WHAT IF" factor. Don't be a statistic, remember prevention is better than cure, invest in loan insurance and have a stress free loan. Loan insurance is available with different levels of cover to suit everyone and help you make those monthly repayments in your time of need. Talk to our finance manager help select an appropriate level of cover to suit you.

Disability cover
Disability and unemployment
Disability, unemployment and death cover
Death cover only


Often without warning our financial situation can change dramatically. An illness which goes on longer than expected or perhaps an accident which puts the breadwinner out of action for many months. At some point it may prove difficult to make payments on your car loan and the only option is to hand it back to the dealer to reduce the debt. Often, the value of the vehicle declines quicker than the loan balance and as a result there may still be an amount to pay to the financier.
One of the great benefits ERIC Insurance provides is Loan Termination Insurance which takes care of the shortfall in this situation of up to $15,000, depending on option chosen, to give customers that extra peace of mind. With this simple and easy cover, there’s no need to endure added stress!

Are you in a position where you want to purchase any of the insurance products above and just don't have the disposable cash to do it now? We now have funding available for all our insurance products allowing you to purchase any or all of the above insurance's with easy monthly repayments direct debited from your nominated bank account, no credit checks, no application, no fuss and 100% approval regardless of your credit status call us to find out more.

How To Calculate Stamp Duty

Calculating stamp duty can be a confusing issue when buying a used car or new, just click on the state you which to work out the stamp duty for to get the exact cost.

Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia

How Do I Check A Cars History

No matter how genuine the seller seems, you should check the history of the car to make sure it’s not stolen, encumbered by an outstanding loan, or even a previous write-off. Get the car’s VIN number and check against the databases in the state in which it’s registered. For a small fee (free in some states), this simple step could save you a lot of money and problems if you are buying privately.

However when buying a car from a Licenced Dealer, the dealer does all these checks on their cars and provides a Guarantee as part of the licenced motor trade act, so it is always safer to buy from a dealer.

Use the links below to check a cars history.

1. New South Wales, ACT and Northern Territory

2. Victoria and Tasmania

3. Queensland

4. South Australia

5. Western Australia

10 Reasons To Buy From A Wholesaler/Dealer


When you purchase a vehicle from a licensed wholesaler you are guaranteed the title to that vehicle. If there is any money owing to a Financier on the vehicle by a previous owner it is covered by the wholesaler.


Most non-commercial vehicles purchased from a licensed wholesaler less than 10 years of age and less than 160,000 kilometres are provided with a statutory warranty. The terms and conditions of this warranty vary from state to state. In addition, Auto Link Finance can assist with extended warranties for your vehicle purchase for up to 5 years from date of delivery.


All wholesalers will inspect the vehicle to make sure it’s not a repairable write off and make sure the vehicle has not been in any structural accidents.


Vehicle salespeople are experts when it comes to cars and can provide specialist advice as to which vehicle best suits your needs and your budget.


Almost all wholesalers will take trade-ins, allowing you to drive in and out on the same day you pick up your new car. If you have money owing on your current vehicle they make the changeover process simple, without expensive bridging loans. Contrary to popular belief, many wholesalers will pay top dollar for your trade vehicle if the vehicle is in good condition.


Most wholesalers have been established in their local community for many years and, as such, jealously guards their reputations. These wholesalers will subject used vehicles to strenuous workshop inspections prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Most wholesalers will send to auction substandard vehicles rather that offer them for sale to a consumer. When a wholesaler sells a vehicle, he also sells his reputation and the last thing he needs is an unhappy customer.


Wholesalers offer workshop and servicing facilities as well as spare parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly long after you have taken delivery. Many wholesalers will provide discounts or specials for customers that purchase vehicles from them that are not available to someone walking in off the street.


Most wholesalers are members of the Motor Trades Association in their state. Member wholesalers have a strict code of ethics that they operate within their business. Motor Trader Associations vary from state to state.


A wholesaler offers a choice of cars all in one location, and in many cases will even bring the car to your home or office for a test drive.


Many large wholesalers contribute to their local community through sponsorship, be it the local football club, hospital, little